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Representative  Deals

Jennifer Laughran

LUSH FANTASY YA: Miriam Forster's debut HOUSE OF A THOUSAND DOLLS, about a servant who lives on a sprawling estate where orphaned girls are groomed to be anything from assassins to courtesans; when a rash of mysterious deaths occur, she must find the killer or else be sold as a slave. (HarperTeen/HC, 2013)

FUN YA MYSTERY: Gwenda Bond's GIRL ON A WIRE, about a girl from a legendary circus family who performs as a daredevil high wire walker; when mysterious accidents begin to plague the circus, she must team up with her arch-rival to solve the crimes, or she might just be the next victim. (Skyscape, 2014)

MYSTERY/SUPERNATURAL YA: Jaclyn Dolamore's DARK METROPOLIS, about a city in which corruption and vice are rampant and disappearances warrant a shrug from the authorities: when a girl vanishes, her best friend must search the city's underground, only to find that here, people who die don't necessarily stay dead. (Disney-Hyperion, 2014)

MIDDLE GRADE SF/ADVENTURE: Patrick Samphire's SECRETS OF THE DRAGON TOMB, set in a very proper Regency-era British colony on Mars, where a boy who has always dreamed of being a spy gets more than his share of adventure when a villainous archeologist kidnaps his parents, and he and his sisters must trek across an inhospitable planet to save them. (Holt/Macmillan, 2014)

EDGY REALISTIC YA: Erin Lange's debut novel, BUTTER, about a lonely 423-pound boy who decides to eat himself to death live on the Internet, and the bullies who become macabre cheerleaders for his plan. (Bloomsbury, 2012)

MIDDLE GRADE ADVENTURE: Kate Messner's SILVER JAGUAR SOCIETY series, starting with CAPTURE THE FLAG, in which a group of kids whose families are part of a secret society bound to protect the world's artifacts pool their talents to solve mysteries. (Scholastic, 2012)