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Representative  Deals

Jennifer Mattson
Associate Agent

REALISTIC, NONLINEAR YA: Tom Leveen's third contemporary-realistic novel MANICPIXIEDREAMGIRL, following PARTY and ZERO, an insightful, creatively structured (unrequited) love story, featuring the most likable two-timing jerk that readers will ever meet. (Random House, 2013)

HILARIOUS, WARM-HEARTED PICTURE BOOK: Dave Keane's WHO WANTS A TORTOISE?, to be illustrated by K. G. Campbell, about a birthday girl who feels underwhelmed when she receives a tortoise instead of a dog from her parents, but over time, realizes that a tortoise can be a kid's best friend, too. (Knopf/Random House, 2015)

YA PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER: Tom Leveen's RANDOM, in which an accused cyber-bully appears to receive a chance for redemption when she receives a random phone call from a stranger on the brink of suicide. (Simon Pulse/S&S, 2014)

HISTORICAL MIDDLE GRADE WITH HEART: Kate Hannigan's THE DETECTIVE'S ASSISTANT, in which the invented niece of famed Pinkerton detective Kate Warne earns her way into her aunt's good graces by pitching in on the toughest cases—including one that will determine the fate of the Union itself. (Little, Brown, 2015)

FUNNY, CHARACTER-DRIVEN MIDDLE GRADE SERIES: Jenny Meyerhoff's The Barftastic Life of Louie Burger series, illustrated by Jason Week, about a fifth-grade aspiring stand-up comedian whose neuroses challenge his social life (even as they provide fodder for his comedy bits), told in a mix of first-person narrative and sidebars from Louie's hilarious notebook. (FSG/Macmillan)

PLAYFUL, VERY YOUNG PICTURE BOOK: Kim Norman's STILL A GORILLA, a readaloud-friendly romp fueled by wordplay about a gorilla named Willy who tries to be many different animals, but succeeds best at being very, very silly. (Scholastic, 2016).

HEARTFELT PICTURE BOOK IN VERSE: Linda Ashman's LITTLE BABY BUTTERCUP, to be illustrated by You Byun, a bouncy celebration of the loving routines shared by moms and babies. (Nancy Paulsen Books/Penguin, 2015)

CREATIVE NONFICTION ON LITERARY SUBJECT: Caroline McAlister's JOHN RONALD'S DRAGONS, a biography of J. R. R. Tolkien tracing his invention of Middle Earth back to a lifelong fascination with dragons. (Roaring Brook/Macmillan, 2016)