Only accepting queries from:

· middle grade writers (including those who write in other categories, such as YA or PB)

· author-illustrators

· illustrators

Jennifer is always seeking distinct voices and richly developed characters. Middle grade has long been Jennifer’s soft spot and she's open to all genres in this category—literary, commercial, contemporary, magical, fantastical, historical, and everything in between. She especially appreciates stories that make her both laugh and cry, and that offer an unexpected view into the pre-teen experience.

In picture books, she likes funny, character-driven projects; beautifully imagined and written stories; and milestone moments with a twist. She longs to have an emotional response to the ending of a picture book—be it a guffaw, hurrah!, or a heart-tug.

In illustration, she seeks artistic voices and perspectives that are so strong that they’re immediately recognizable as belonging to the creator.

Crystal Allen's BETWEEN TWO BROTHERS, about a 13-year-old boy who idolizes his older brother and dreads the day he'll leave for college, but when a catastrophic event changes the dynamics of their strong bond, he hatches a risky plot in an effort to heal their relationship, even if the attempt scars him, to Balzer & Bray/HarperCollins in a very nice deal, in an exclusive submission.

Author-illustrator Joe Cepeda's RAFA COUNTS ON PAPA, about a son and father who spend their days measuring things, including their love for each other, to Little, Brown Children's.

Ishaa Lobo to illustrate THE MYSTERY OF THE LOVE LIST, by Sarah Glenn Marsh, the story of a lonely porcupine who feels lonelier than ever with Valentine's Day approaching, until she discovers her name on one of her classmate's love lists—a list of all the things they love best--and sets out to solve the mystery of who this potential friend might be, to Viking Children's.

Christina Diaz Gonzalez's INVISIBLES, a bilingual story about five very different Latinx students who form an unexpected bond after being forced together to complete community service hours, with illustrations by Gaby Epstein, to Scholastic.

Alison Green Myers's A BIRD WILL SOAR, in which a boy and the unusual collection of adults in his makeshift family try to repair both a nearby eagles' nest and their own home in the aftermath of a storm, to Dutton Children's, in a very nice deal, in a pre-empt, in a two-book deal.

Author-illustrator Renee Kurilla's young graphic novel THE FLOWER GARDEN, about two friends who discover a world of magic in their own backyard, to Abrams Children's in an exclusive submission.

Eliza Wheeler to illustrate WHAT ROSA BROUGHT by Jacob Sager Weinstein, a poignant true story—based on life events in the author's family—about a young Jewish girl who lives with her family in Vienna in 1938, and what happens when the world begins to change around them, to Katherine Tegen Books.





Middle grade has always been my soft spot, and I’m open to all genres in this category. I would especially love to find a young series with a beloved character.
I long to have an emotional response to the end of a picture book—a guffaw, a hurrah! or a heart-tug.