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Known as the first literary agent to represent marginalized creators in the digital publishing space, Saritza is a self-proclaimed geek who loves escaping into worlds and stories from all walks of life. Her love of great storytelling is what has driven her work in the publishing industry for the past 18 years and her passion for amplifying queer and BIPOC voices is what continues to drive her today. An avid romance and science-fiction reader, and strong advocate of the LGBTQ+ community, she enjoys fresh voices in YA and adult genre fiction. She specializes in romance and young adult fiction by and for diverse audiences.

She also represents writers and illustrators for picture books, middle grade, young adult, and adult (fiction and nonfiction) and is actively building her list in the following categories:
• Adult fiction—romance, women’s fiction, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller, and horror.
• Adult narrative nonfiction—food/drink (not cookbooks), parenting, humor, science, history, pop culture.
• Young adult and middle grade fiction—contemporary/realistic fiction, romance, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and horror.
• Young adult and middle grade nonfiction—food/drink, humor, queer narratives, queer history.
• Graphic novels—adult, young adult, middle grade (including nonfiction).
• Illustrators—picture book to adult categories

GN: Author-illustrator Venessa V. Kelley's debut MANU FACES THE MUSIC, in which a young queer Puerto Rican woman at the height of a lucrative music career learns she is the last in a line of powerful mediums capable of channeling vast spiritual energy and must use her power to defend the NYC community she left behind from a dark threat to Desiree Rodriguez at Oni Press.

YA: Louangie Bou-Montes's debut DON'T FEAR THE REAPER, pitched as CEMETERY BOYS meets UNDEAD GIRL GANG, in which the 16-year-old, Afro-Latinx son of the local mortician accidentally reanimates the dead body of the boy he had more than friendly feelings for and has to uncover the truth about his family's necromantic abilities to keep him alive for good, to Carolina Ortiz at Harper Children's.

ILLUSTRATOR: MzVee's NATURAL ME, a celebration of self-love and beauty, inside and out, inspired by the author's song Natural Girl, illustrated by Lisbeth Checo, to Clarion.

NF PB: Author-illustrator Angela Quezada Padron's PB debut AS THE SEAS RISE, about the environmental scientist and activist Nicole Hernandez Hammer, who was recognized by First Lady Michelle Obama at the 2015 State of the Union address for her passionate efforts to educate people about climate change and its disproportionate impacts on communities of color, to Atheneum.

NF: Creators and hosts of the Dungeons and Dragons podcast Shelly Mazzanoble and Greg Tito's WELCOME TO DRAGON TALK, a collection of essays reflecting on the various guests of the podcast of the same name highlighting the diversity of the Dungeons & Dragons community and the positive impact individuals and groups within the community make every day, from therapists who use it in their practices to Hollywood creatives who credit the game with honing their creative skills, and educators who implement the game into their curriculums to inspire a lifelong love of reading and writing in their students, to University of Iowa Press.

Romance novels
All things sci-fi
Tabletop gaming
Latinx culture
Family time!

I’d love to find a MG rom com! I know but hear me out … that first crush, those awkward moments where you start to see your friend as more than a friend and you end up going together to the Spring Dance at the end? Tell me you don’t love that!
I always look to work with people who inspire me, nurture my passions, and ignite a fire in my belly
to BE more!
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