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Fantastical meets mundane
British comedies
Tiny things
Traveling by train

Meg Hunt

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BB, PB, covers

Meg grew up by the ocean and spent her childhood catching hermit crabs and making tiny stick houses for the earthworms in the garden. Now as an illustrator, Meg loves to bring that playful energy to young readers. Through the use of line, color, shape, and texture, they love to create larger-than-life illustrations that celebrate playful curiosity and wonder.

She’s lived by the ocean, in the desert, and among the trees, but Ioves soaking up the city best.  Meg now resides in Providence, RI with her husband and a rare dog/goose hybrid called Laszlo. When they’re not playing with ink, paper, yarn and paint to discover new characters, you can find Meg in their balcony vegetable garden listening to the sounds of the neighborhood.



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