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Jennifer joined the Andrea Brown Literary Agency in 2016, after a career in marketing and public relations. Agenting is her dream job. She loves working with writers and illustrators, and nothing gives her greater joy than to help an author elevate their story. She is most drawn to emotionally compelling voices and fresh perspectives underrepresented in literature.

Please send Jennifer:

  • Adult literary thrillers and horror (she is a suspense junkie, who loves to be scared). Throw in dash of (bad) romance, and she’s hooked!

  • YA novels in any genre (horror, thrillers, gothic, humor), but especially literary stories about ordinary teens dealing with life, family, relationships, sexuality, mental health, or recovery. A blend of genre and literary would be best of all. Also, lately, she'd like to fall in love (or lust).

  • Stories that blurs the lines between the real and the imagined.

  • Note: Sadly, Jennifer is not the best fit for novels-in-verse, as that form is not her editorial strength. Please consider one of her colleagues instead.

That’s her wish list, but you might have something she has never considered before, and it might be absolutely perfect for her. Surprise her!

Jamison Shea's debut YA, I FEED HER TO THE BEAST AND THE BEAST IS ME, which follows a Black teen ballerina's dark descent after she bathes in the blood of an eldritch god for the power to best her competition; with a second YA speculative suspense novel to follow. Sold to Holt Children's, in a major deal, in a seven-house auction, for publication in fall 2023.

NYT-bestselling author of Cemetery Boys Aiden Thomas's CEMETERY BOYS 2, a sequel told from Julian's point-of-view, pitched as The Sixth Sense meets Final Destination, when a monster starts creating malingo spirits in East L.A. Sold to Feiwel and Friends, in a six-figure deal, for publication in winter 2024.

Sas Milledge to illustrate NYT-bestselling author Maggie Stiefvater and adapter Stephanie Williams's graphic novel adaptation of THE RAVEN CYCLE, a YA series about four private school boys, a psychic's daughter, and a Welsh legend who lies dormant beneath the mountains of a sleepy Virginia town. Sold to Viking Children’s in a six-figure deal, in a four-book deal, for publication in spring 2025.

Nikki Shannon Smith's STRANDED, pitched as MY SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN for today and tomorrow's reader, a survival story in which an 11-year old girl must learn the skills needed to keep herself alive after a winter storm leaves her stranded alone in the Adirondack mountains, to Scholastic, for publication in fall 2024.

Sylvia Liu's NEAR AND DEER, in which a girl secretly cares for an orphaned fawn befriended by her dog, distracting her from helping to save her family's inn, to Scholastic, for publication in summer 2024.

Debut author AY Chan's MODESTY SETO AND THE LEGEND OF XIAOXI FU, the first in a planned series, in which a 12-year-old tae kwan do champion must learn to overcome her own perceived obstacles and use a centuries-old ancestral book to help her journey. Sold to Aladdin in a two-book deal, for publication in summer 2024.

PBChat founder Justin Colon's THE QUACKEN, a horror-comedy in which a young camper inadvertently releases a gigantic duck of legend after breaking the #1 rule at camp and must escape it through a series of horror-spoofing situations to avoid being eaten, illustrated by Pablo Pino. Sold to Simon & Schuster Children’s, in a two-book deal, for publication in fall 2024.

Nichole Wong Forti to illustrate Tammi Sauer's AMAZING AUGUSTUS, in which a confident and unflappable squirrel is so busy boasting he finds himself eaten, and a sequel. Sold to Disney-Hyperion in a two-book deal, for publication in fall 2024.

PBChat founder Justin Colon's IMPOSSIBLE POSSUMS, in which a lonely possum with a flair for villainy attempts to create his very own henchman but ditches the instructions to his new possum-making machine, leading to a series of mishaps as it pops out all the wrong creatures, each with a chaotic agenda of their own; and an untitled sequel, illustrated by James Rey Sanchez. Sold to Disney-Hyperion, in a two-book deal, for publication in fall 2024

NYT-bestselling author of CEMETERY BOYS Aiden Thomas's JUST MAX, in which a stealth transgender college student faces the usual stress of freshman year—making new friends and trying to fit in—all while managing testosterone shots, navigating the perils of communal bathrooms, and falling in love with the handsome soccer player down the hall. Sold to Feiwel and Friends, in a six-figure deal, for publication in winter 2024.

Ann Zhao's debut DEAR WENDY, in which two first-year college students with anonymous relationship advice accounts on Instagram feud over who gives the best tips, only to meet in real life and discover they both identify as aromantic and asexual—a rarity even at their diverse liberal arts college. Sold to Feiwel and Friends, for publication in winter 2024.

THIS IS A SEAHORSE author-illustrator Cassandra Federman's THE STORY SPINNERS: PRINCESS SPARKLEPUFF AND HER CREW OF LADY PIRATES, a debut middle grade graphic novel, in which two polar opposite sisters must come together to tell an epic bedtime story that will calm their crying baby sister, so they can finally all get some sleep. Sold to Aladdin for publication in 2024

Pixar animator Bobby Podesta's debut NORTH FOR THE WINTER, in which an 11-year-old girl must team up with the boy next door and his teenage sister to outsmart a hunter and dodge U.S. military planes, so they can return a flying reindeer to the North Pole to save Christmas before it's too late. Sold to First Second, for publication in 2024.

Hidden rooms

Haunted houses

Unlikely love interests

Origin stories

Silver linings

I fall hard for protagonists who make bad decisions for the right (and occasionally the wrong) reasons.
When a story raises a captivating question
(or two or three),
I will read until 3 a.m. to find out what happens
(and then offer rep!).
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