Kelly Sonnack

Senior Agent


Kelly is accepting queries by referral only

Kelly started her career in publishing as a Life Sciences editor at an academic publisher where she learned she loved working with authors, but that post-graduate textbooks and monographs were never going to hold a candle to working on kids' books. Since making that career leap, she's never looked back. 

For the past 15 years, she's been championing writers and artists in nearly every category, format, and age group. She represents debut authors and illustrators as well as bestsellers and award-winning clients.

Kelly is on the Advisory Board for UCSD's Certificate in Writing and Illustrating for Children; is the co-founder of the City Heights Young Writers Workshop; and serves on the AALA's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, where she's helping to launch a mentorship program providing support to agents from marginalized backgrounds.

Monica Wesolowska's picture book ELBERT IN THE AIR, about a boy named Elbert whose mother defends his individuality when others try to keep him tethered to the ground. To be illustrated by Jerome Pumphrey. Sold at auction to Dial/PRH.

Author-illustrator Jarad Greene's middle grade graphic novel, A-OKAY, a semi-autobiographical story featuring Jay, a 13-year-old with severe bouts of acne who's battling his skin, the side effects of a potent acne prescription, and his understanding of being ace, all while trying to survive eighth grade. Sold to HarperAlley/HarperCollins at auction.

Author-illustrator Ashlyn Anstee’s SHELBY & WATTS, a new chapter book graphic novel series about a fox and a badger who are neighbors and best friends, and share a love of discovery and solving environmental mysteries. Sold in a pre-empt to Viking/PRH.

Ariel Lauren Wilson's DIRT!—a nonfiction book for middle grade readers that offers a closer look at the foundation of all life on Earth and inspires young readers to reconsider the universe beneath their feet. Workman will publish.

Two books in an early chapter book series beginning with ESME'S BIRTHDAY CONGA LINE, starring Esme, a plucky girl who lives in the uppermost floor of (what she thinks is) the topmost best building in her neighborhood, and who is sure she can plan her own birthday party when her Mimi and Pipo forget. Written by Lourdes Heuer, with illustrations by Marissa Valdez. Sold to Tundra/PRH in a pre-empt.


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I'm the product of a kindergarten teacher mom and a salesman dad. Pretty much the perfect combination for a kids literary agent!
"Writing is nothing more than a guided dream." Jorge Luis Borges