Paige Terlip represents all categories of children’s books from picture books to young adult, as well as select adult fiction and nonfiction, including thrillers/psychological suspense, fantasy/sci-fi, upmarket fiction, cozy mysteries, as well as narrative nonfiction and self-help that centers the mind, body, and spirit. Regardless of genre, she is seeking inclusive, intersectional voices and gorgeous line-level writing with emotionally compelling narratives.

Some of Paige’s specific wish list items include:

Middle Grade:

• A snarky girl detective

• Campy horror

• Anything queer 

Young Adult:

• Stories with ancestral magic

• Contemporary mystery with puzzles

• Girls who kick ass

• Unexpected retellings of mythology and folklore


• Female-driven crime-procedural (bonus points if she knows martial arts!)

• Rom com with off-beat humor (queer love too!)

• Upmarket mother-daughter friendship and shenanigans 

• Literary horror à la Lovecraft Country


Prior to becoming an Associate Agent, Paige was a Senior Assistant for Executive Agent Laura Rennert, and has been with ABLA since 2017. She comes to agenting with a background in marketing, design, and freelance editorial. She’s worked at Charlesbridge Publishing, The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and a ranch in the Rockies. She has an MA in Children's Literature and an MFA in Writing for Children from Simmons University. If she’s not reading, you'll find her practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, re-watching the Great British Baking Show, or hiking with her Husky-Shepherd mix.

Paige is actively building her list. Check back for a list of her recent deals!

Martial arts

Found families

Queer love


Exploring the outdoors

Hackers & technology

Ever since the TV series ended, I’ve had a Magicians shaped hole in my heart that I’ve been
trying to fill.
I love well-plotted twists, being a little bit scared, and stories that explore the fluidity of gender and bring the queer experience
to light.