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Before Jemiscoe "Jem" Chambers-Black joined Andrea Brown Literary Agency in 2020, she was an assistant director for film and television. Her love for books prevailed, and she went back to school to study English Literature and creative writing in fiction and earned her MFA. She represents adult fiction, YA, MG, picture book authors, illustrators and select adult nonfiction. She is especially looking for diverse voices.

Jem is closed until 2024. Please stay tuned for when she opens and what she'll be looking for in the new year.


  • Romance—contemporary, rom com, paranormal, and fantasy

  • Upmarket—commercial hook with beautiful prose and a strong cast of characters (can also have speculative elements as well)

  • Mystery/Cozy Mystery—(think Living Single or Golden Girls with a dead body) 

  • Thrillers—psychological and timely, and anything that explores societal fears such as GET OUT 

Picture Book:

  • Author-illustrator only. Humor stories or weird stories or kids being bad stories. Culture stories, too! Fantasy stories as well.


  • Open to artist who are interested in picture book all the way up to Adult coverwork. 

Please note: Jem is closed to picture books text, chapter books, middle grade, and YA queries at this time, with the exception of referrals and conference attendees. 

Michelle Jing Chan's debut graphic novel SOMEWHERE IN THE GRAY, following a girl who is dating the most popular girl at school, and what seems easy for her friends—being intimate in any way with their partners—doesn't feel quite right to her as she learns it's more than okay to live somewhere in the gray of asexuality. Farrar, Straus Children's acquired at auction, for six figures, and will publish in the fall of 2026.

Asia Simone will illustrate Stephanie's Williams's graphic novel MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR: WRECK AND ROLL, based on the TV show, in which a rad-skating band of thieves starts going wild, and it's up to Marvel's Lunella Lafayette (Moon Girl) and Devil Dinosaur to take to the streets and put a stop to their crime spree. Scholastic will publish in spring of 2024.

Amy Buchanan's LET'S CALL A TRUCE, a sexy debut contemporary romance, about a recently widowed single mom reentering the corporate world and her annoying (and attractive) workplace rival, who call a truce on their feud to complete a career-making project, but when that truce turns into something more, the past comes back to threaten their second chance at love. Griffin will publish the first book in 2024 (world English).

USA Today-bestselling author Shannon Messenger and adapter Celina Frenn's graphic novel adaptation of KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES, parts one and two, in which a girl discovers she has secrets buried in her memory—secrets others would kill for—and has to figure out why she's the key to a brand new world, illustrated by Gabriella Chianello. Aladdin will publish in fall 2023.

Author BUNNY'S BOOK CLUB and BRAVO, LITTLE BIRD Annie Silvestro's SIGNS OF FRIENDSHIP, following two best friends who communicate using sign language as they grow together, share a clubhouse, plant a garden, and discover that there's always room for more friends—including the new boy next door, illustrated by Ziyue Chen. Paula Wiseman Books will publish in spring 2025.

Etta Easton's THE KISS COUNTDOWN, a rom-com about a down-on-her-luck entrepreneur who finds her feelings are all too real when she agrees to a fake relationship with an astronaut to help him reassure and distract his anxious family as he prepares for an upcoming moon launch. Berkley acquired in a pre-empt, in a two-book deal, for six-figures, and will publish the first book in spring 2024.

Tanisia "Tee" Moore's WASH DAY, showcasing a sacred rite of passage in Black culture—the hair wash day routine—and on Saturday, it goes down in a girl's house, if momma can catch her. Scholastic will publish in spring 2025.

Pitch Wars alum Aurora Palit's SUNSHINE AND SPICE, about a bubbly brand consultant who is estranged from her Bengali heritage, but agrees to take on the rebranding of a failing local desi bazaar and ends up striking a deal with the owner's grumpy yet devastatingly attractive son–he will help her nail the cultural aspects of the rebrand if she agrees to be his fake girlfriend to thwart his matchmaking mother's plans. Berkley acquired at action, in a two-book deal, for six-figures, and will publish the first book in 2024.

Taj McCoy's THE GOOD ONES ARE TAKEN, follows a woman as she helps her two BFFs plan their weddings and tries to find a date worthy of taking to both, but she can't help feeling all the good men are taken; it doesn't help that her college friend puts salt in everyone's game, insisting no one is good enough; when he finally reveals his feelings for her, she'll have to decide if it's worth risking something good for something more. HarperCollins | Harlequin, MIRA will publish in spring 2024 and spring 2025 (world English).

Carol William's THE SUPERNATURAL FILES OF CJ DELANEY, in which a 12-year-old cub reporter investigates the biggest story in her small town's history—a mystery filled with lost pets, a witch, sacrifices, possession, and hellhounds; but when all answers point to someone close, she stands to not only lose her byline but the scariest thing of all—the people and pet she loves. Holiday House will publish in spring 2024.

Amaka Egbe's RUN LIKE A GIRL follows a 17-year-old high school track star who moves in with her estranged father only to find out her new school doesn't have a girls track team, so she joins the boys' team instead. HarperCollins | Harlequin, Inkyard Press will publish in summer 2024.

Black joy!

Romance novels

Windy days


Cats, owls, sloths, and tarsiers


I'd really love to see all the love stories in YA and Adult. And if you happen to be writing a Golden Girls/Living Single murder mystery, I'll be your best friend!
One of my mentors, Jo Knowles, said that she looks for that beautiful page that brings what the book is about to its knees. Years later, that sentiment still holds true; I'm always on
the hunt for that
beautiful page.
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