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Kathleen represents a wide range of children’s literature. She represents NYT bestselling and award-winning authors. She’s drawn to empowering stories, and environmental and whimsical themes, particularly for the youngest set. She loves animals and books about their welfare and science. She's always interested in picture books that inspire emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and empathy.

When it comes to novels, Kathleen loves magic, mayhem, strong female leads, matrilineal magic, complex characters, banter with chemistry, and is always happy to see high-concept contemporary romance. Kathleen gravitates to smart character-driven YA and MG no matter the genre. She is always seeking stories written by diverse creators and underrepresented voices.

Kathleen’s list includes inspiring picture books such as Carole Lindstrom’s NYT bestselling WE ARE WATER PROTECTORS (for which the illustrator won The Caldecott Medal), OCEAN SPEAKS by Jess Keating (Jane Addams Peace Award Honor), and ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP: How One Girl’s Fight for Americans with Disabilities Changed Everything by Annette Bay Pimentel (Schneider Family Award Honor). She also represents a wide range of middle grade and YA from captivating fantasy like Lisa Maxwell’s NYT bestselling THE LAST MAGICIAN series and NYT bestselling rom-com I HOPE THIS DOESN’T FIND YOU by Ann Liang, and other whip-smart contemporary novels like IF YOU COULD SEE THE SUN also by Ann Liang, and Gloria Chao’s AMERICAN PANDA, Supriya Kelkar’s AMERICAN AS PANEER PIE, and Aimee Lucido’s EMMY IN THE KEY OF CODE.

Nicole Lesperance's THE DEPTHS, a Gothic horror set on a remote tropical island, in which a 17-year-old suffers a near-fatal freediving accident and tags along on her mother's honeymoon to a private island where she unearths dark secrets—wandering ghosts, bloodthirsty flowers, and a deep pool where no one feels pain—before realizing the island might not be willing to let her go. Sold to Razorbill, Penguin.

NYT-bestselling author of the Caldecott winner WE ARE WATER PROTECTORS Carole Lindstrom's THE GIFT OF THE GREAT BUFFALO, about a young Metis-Ojibwe girl who has traveled far with her family for the buffalo hunt, but when there are no buffalo to be found, she must help her family find the herd that will enable them to survive the long winter. Sold to Bloomsbury Children’s.

Supriya Kelkar's MY NAME, about how a name comes from generations of ancestors, places, and experiences to make you, you, inspiring young readers to own their uniqueness. Sold to Grace Kendall at Farrar Straus Children’s, Macmillan.

Ann Liang's debut IF YOU COULD SEE THE SUN, which follows a Chinese American teenage girl who, upon discovering she can no longer afford tuition at her elite Beijing boarding school, teams up with her academic rival and monetizes her strange new invisibility powers by discovering and selling her wealthy classmates' most scandalous secrets. Sold to Inkyard Press.

Jess Keating's THE GIRL WHO BUILT AN OCEAN, a biography of seamstress-turned-naturalist Jeanne Villepreux-Power, who invented the aquarium and solved one of the ocean's oldest mysteries, intertwining artistic inspiration and scientific discovery. Sold to Knopf, Random House.

Karen Jameson's TIME TO SHINE: CELEBRATING THE WORLD'S IRIDESCENT ANIMALS, exploring how animals use iridescence to survive and thrive. Sold to Groundwood Books.




Something spooky

Tarot, crystals, astrology, herbology


I am always interested in anything witchy, whimsical, or feminist.
I believed in fairies and gnomes as a kid and that never really went away. I look for the magic in everyday life.
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