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Coming-of-age stories
Fashion, sparkles, & magic
Historical fiction (1950s onward)
Breaking stereotypes & underdog successes

Ericka Lugo


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PB, CB, GN, covers

Ericka is a Florida-based illustrator. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico and graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a BFA in Art History. She enjoys playing with color and texture, capturing movement, and depicting the human figure. She’s drawn to contemplative, slice-of-life stories, and she’s particularly interested in projects that explore mental health topics such as anxiety and depression in a tender, hopeful way. Ericka has worked with publishers like PRH and Macmillan, as well as clients like Airbnb, Snapchat, and the National Resources Defense Council. In her spare time, she likes to play video games, attempt wood carving, and browse recipes that she rarely ever actually tries.



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